If you enjoy the outdoors, paddling a kayak is like back-packing on water. You get to go to places and see things you would not have been able to without some form of paddle craft.

As a service to our clients who have purchased one of our Touring or Sea Kayaks, Canoe & Kayak World organises Kayak Tours throughout the year to assist you to optimise the use of your boat. We co-ordinate self-catering overnight and multi-day “expeditions” on a regular basis throughout the year. We will help make experiencing the inland waterways and coastal waters easier and safer. We arrange the logistics, the put-ins, the take-outs, and the shuttle from start to finish as well as a group of fellow paddle enthusiasts. This enables you to paddle in places you possibly wouldn’t venture to otherwise.

These tours take us to some of the most remote and breathtaking areas throughout Southern Africa, to Dams like Vanderkloof, Gariepand Sterkfontein Dam - places offering isolated beaches, kloofs, waterfalls, and bushveld with an abundance of game and beauty.

We paddle various sections of the Orange River, including the stretch from HopeTown to Douglas, through the beautiful “Thunder Alley” and many adrenalin charged rapids.

The turquoise tropical waters of the Mozambican Coast with island and mangrove swamps to navigate is another annual favourite.

Slightly higher up north we paddle on Lake Malawi a freshwater marine reserve and World Heritage Site, an area of overwhelming beauty.

The Garden Route is a popular and awe-inspiring week-long adventure where we set up a central camp and paddle various sections of coastline, inland rivers, estuaries and lagoons.

In addition to the above we also offer regular “closer to home” get-togethers on the Vaal River, Vaal Dam, Loskop Dam, Rust-de-Winter, Hartbeespoort Dam, Vaalkop Dam and anywhere else we can find.

These are organised through our E-Groups, which helps us to keep you notified of what we have to offer and also allows you to find like minded paddlers to join you on a trip of your own.

Kayak touring is enjoyed by all outdoor / water enthusiasts, the young and elderly, male and female, families, couples and singles. It is a lifestyle enhancing activity.

We do have a small fleet of hire boats for non-boat owners to join us on a trip, space permitting.

Please check out www.kayaktours.co.za for the touring calendar and information on trips coming up.